1 block contains 4 numbers each of Studio Apartments, 1 bedroom Apartments (Type A), 1 Bedroom Apartments (Type B) & 2 Bedroom Apartments.

In all there are 4 blocks which have Studio Apartment (16nos), 1 Bedroom Apartments for Type A & B (32nos) & 2 Bedroom Apartments (16nos). A total of 64 units in all.

Total available car parking is 78 numbers in all.

The Kyrious Real Estate Cooperative Multipurpose Society

The priority of establishing any cooperative society is to help look out for the best interest of members and the society at large. The government may not be able to do everything for us, so therefore, there is a need for us all to create the life and future we want for ourselves by complementing the efforts of the government.

At Kyrious, savings made by members are targeted towards owning a home in some of the Eximia forthcoming projects. Kyrious Cooperative is different from other Credit and Thrift societies where they save towards borrowing in future.

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